Science & Technical Services

Launching an ozone sonde at Summit Station. Photo: Kevin Hammond

Launching an ozone sonde at Summit Station. Photo: Kevin Hammond

Polar Field Services offers personnel with technical expertise who can operate and maintain scientific instruments, collect data and samples for researchers, and communicate with investigators about their research projects. Our staff are trained to follow protocol meticulously and to complete daily, weekly and monthly science tasking per researcher- and/or PFS-provided guidelines.  Once the project is established and running to the principal investigator’s satisfaction, our staff can work independently for long periods of time while reporting routinely per the PI’s requirements.

Our science technical staff carry out an array of tasks to support researchers whose projects are located in remote locations. We

  • Calibrate and troubleshoot analytical instrumentation
  • Know data acquisition systems
  •  Operate complex scientific instrumentation to support measurements including atmospheric gases and aerosols, meteorlogical parameters, seismic activity, solar irradiance, and GPS elevation / location. Collect air, snow and ice samples using detailed procedures and clean practices
  • Perform scientific balloon launches with a variety of different measurement sondes
  • Install networking equipment including servers, routers, hubs, switches, cabling, network cards, wireless transmitter/receivers and related software
  • Maintain standard operating procedures and other technical documentation
  • Communicate complicated technical problems and coordinate repairs, design, and maintenance actions to service providers
  • Solve problems
  • Use general laboratory equipment and techniques

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