Science Communications & Outreach

Faustine Bernadac at Russell Glacier. Photo: Naomi

Faustine Bernadac at Russell Glacier. Photo: Naomi Whitty

PFS is an uncommon company with an extraordinary mission: to support scientists working in some of the most remote and extreme locations in the world. We enjoy writing about scientific concepts, the remote work, and the seeking, committed people who have made field research a career path. Over years of exposure and practice, we have gained fluency in the language of field science; we have learned the art of engaging busy scientists; and we have mastered the ability to work efficiently and thoughtfully with our clients and customers to create engaging science communication and outreach products.

Our staff include experts in writing, photography, journalism, communication, and education. We have delivered fact sheets, posters, brochures, stickers, and booth display backdrops. Our staff can develop and deploy websites for specific activities. PFS leverages both traditional and social media, producing pieces for professional journals, newsletters, blogs, etc., to communicate the interesting work our clients do.

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Below, view a gallery of outreach products created by PFS.