Risk Management & Field Training

PFS personnel and clients work in inherently dangerous landscapes and risk management is critical to what we do.

Compass training. Photo: Mark Luttrell / c 2013 Smithsonian Institution

Compass training. Photo: Mark Luttrell / c 2013 Smithsonian Institution

Our staff includes instructors trained in premier American wilderness education programs like the National Outdoor Leadership School and the Alaska Marine Safety Education Association.We also employ experts in occupational safety and health.

In collaboration with our clients, we study every project we support through the lens of risk management. We then explore ways to mitigate the specific areas of risk, using equipment and gear, specialized training, alternate field scenarios, and expert staff.

If your team can participate in recommended training, PFS will deliver a course that suits the risks your group is likely to face given your field work activities and location, and that fits your group’s wilderness experience and skill-level. If you’re on a cruise, we will avoid wasting your time with high-altitude field training. If you are hiking in a boreal forest, we will give you bear training and mountaineering lessons and save the snow-crevasse awareness for another group.

If you need help managing risks and working safely in remote environments, give us a call or send us an email.

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