Air Support for the Trans-Canada Snow Sampling Expedition

PFS planned and supported a Trans-Canada snow sampling expedition. The expedition sampled 22 sites across northern Canada. The vast distances and expensive/infrequent commercial airline access initially projected into a one month trip. PFS was able to arrange a single Twin Otter aircraft to perform the entire survey and the team was able to accomplish the work in twelve days, which resulted in execution of the project for considerably lower cost than the original concept.

Photos: Rich Brandt, Steve Warren and Tom Grenfell

Our 2009 trip in Arctic Canada used only one air charter; the entire trip was in one airplane from Kenn Borek, with the same two pilots, Gordon Johnson and Tim Sangster. Using the Twin Otter skiplane for snow collection was very efficient; we collected 300 samples at 24 sites in just 2 weeks.

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