Management of the Toolik Dining Facility Construction Project

PFS construction management services for the dining facility at Toolik Field Station, the research facility on Alaska’s North Slope operated by the Institute of Arctic Biology.

Toolik dining facility. Photo: Christie Haupert

Toolik dining facility. Photo: Christie Haupert

This energy efficient, 6,200 square foot facility was designed and constructed to meet LEED certification. It houses a kitchen that can feed up to 150 people, with two dining areas, bathrooms, and camp staff offices. In addition to the expansive kitchen, the facility provides additional space and a climate-controlled environment for the camp’s fiber optic cable, which was relocated to the building during construction. Consequently, the building is extremely well-insulated and incorporates smart features, such as self-activated ventilation hoods that automatically switch off when they are no longer needed. The high-end kitchen features multiple sinks, excellent ventilation, a designated scullery, and industrial, energy efficient dishwashers.

PFS personnel worked with the subcontractors to keep the project on schedule and within scope, resolving issues between agencies, and acted as liaison between the subcontractor and the Toolik community, negotiating compromise as needed while providing a continuous effort to improve operations, streamline processes, and provide quality customer service.

Toolik Field Station is located in the northern foothills of the Brooks Range in Alaska. Toolik-based researchers have access to 87,000 acres designated by the Bureau of Land Management as a Research Natural Area. The station has been a major location for scientific research in the Arctic since 1975.

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