Cargo Delivery via the Greenland Inland Traverse (GrIT)

PFS manages an overland traverse of fuel and cargo from the Thule Air Base, on the northwestern coast of Greenland, to Summit Station, near the apex of the Greenland ice sheet, a distance of 1,200 km (750 mi). Overland transport of cargo reduces the need for aircraft to transport payloads and also reduces emissions at Summit Station, a clean air/clean snow research site. This project requires

  • The ability to balance input from multiple agencies of the Greenlandic, Danish, and U.S. governments—while maintaining effective relationships with local communities, native, military, and civilian;
  • Management of a long, complex logistics train that involves transport of materials and supplies around the world via trains, planes, trucks, and cargo ships and a 7 week traverse across the Greenland ice sheet.
  • A skilled team with extensive experience in logistics and the design and construction of super insulated, traversable, lightweight structures.
  • Deployment of an expedition team in the deep field expert at navigation, crevasse detection, heavy equipment operations and maintenance and survival in remote, often rugged, and sometimes dangerous conditions.

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