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Thule Life

Dundas, the mesa in the distance, looms over Hangars 1 and 2, the original hangars adjacent to the original Thule airstrip.

A view down the street in Thule looking toward Dundas. Photo: Joe Hurley

Not a bad “office” view, eh?

Joe Hurley, Thule Operations Coordinator, recently checked in and sent us these images of life at Thule Air base in Greenland.

Joe reports that June has been a mix of high winds and rain with temperatures climbing into the 40s (Farenheit). This translates into an open river and MUD.

The mosquitos have not yet arrived, prep work continues, and the field season….is up and running.

Michelle Craig and Zach Shoemaker get the field office ready for the season. Photo: Joe Hurley

Michelle Craig and Zach Shoemaker (researchers with the Oberbauer/Welker ITEX collaborative) put frames together that will act like small warming chambers when placed over experimental plots at the ‘Potato Farm.’ Photo: Joe Hurley

The Thule Potato Farm, not quite ready. Photo: Josh Leffler

The snow-covered Potato Farm,’ where researchers led by Jeff Welker study impacts of warming climate on tundra plants. Not quite ready for summer manipulations. Photo: Josh Leffler

Up next: Joe fires up the grill with Josh Leffler and Zach Shoemaker.

Who doesn’t love BBQ? A new grill arrived on the resupply ship. From left: Joe Hurley, Josh Leffler and Zach Shoemaker.

GL THU Freshies Joe Hurley

Thule visitors can find great grilling items at the base store – even gorgeous freshies. Photo: Joe Hurley

GL THU Midnight Sun Theater Joe Hurley

After dinner, how ’bout a movie? . . . Photo: Joe Hurley

The view of Dundas from atop North Mountain with Saunders in full view.

Or perhaps you’d rather go for a stroll, and enjoy the view of Hangars 1 and 2, the original hangars adjacent to the original Thule airstrip, with North Star Bay beyond. Photo: Joe Hurley

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