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Summit Turnover: Five Days and Counting

Katrine Gorham sends the following words and pictures from Summit:

Turnover here at Summit has pretty much come to a close. For the last five days we have been waiting on the Twin Otter to come pick us up… weather delays. I have attached a few pictures from the science tech turnover, in case you are interested in adding something to the blog. The new techs are lookin’ good.

Phase III techs getting ready for snow sampling, Patty Sanders (left) and Adam Maerz (right). This was taken on our first good day after several days of high winds. We had a major wind event with sustained wind speeds up to 55 knots. Photo: Katrine Gorham

In this picture Shannon Coykendall (phase II tech, right) is training Patty Sanders (phase III tech, left) on record keeping for NOAA at the Temporary Atmospheric Watch Observatory (TAWO). Photo: Katrine Gorham

In this picture the phase II techs are training the phase III techs on Swiss Tower instrumentation. From left to right, Adam Maerz (phase III, NOAA), Ben Gross (phase II, NOAA), Shannon Coykendall (phase II, CPS), and Patty Sanders (phase III, CPS). Photo: Katrine Gorham

In this picture Lance Roth (ICECAPS tech, phase II) is giving Dave Denny a tour of the Mobile Science Facility. As the picture shows, the MSF has drifted significantly over the last several months. Phase II was characterized by high winds and drifting snow, which is common for mid-winter at Summit. Photo: Katrine Gorham

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