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Summit Turnover Update

One down, one to go

A quick stop on the roof of the world to drop off the last bit of science cargo, pick up the outgoing Summit staff and refuel the Twin Otter, and the Norlandair crew headed to Kangerlussuaq. Photo: Katrine Gorham

The first of two ‘take out’ flights departed Summit Station for Kangerlussuaq on Saturday, carrying the five-person, November-to-February winter crew with it. A second flight scheduled for today was canceled due to weather in Kangerlussuaq. “There is a big front moving in from the south, and the pilots are concerned about icing conditions,” wrote Tracy Sheeley, CPS operations manager for the station. As a result of the cancellation, Tracy and Katrine Gorham, our science projects manager, remain at Summit, the NSF-funded research station with our new five-person staff.

We’re delighted that our winter crew got out on time, and will keep you posted on the take-out. Stay tuned!–Kip Rithner

If you're happy and you know it, pose for a picture! Many thanks to our Phase II Summit winter crew, which is off to warmer climes and lower latitides. Photo: Katrine Gorham

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