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Summit Station featured on Atmospheric Optics POD

Ed Stockard and Patrick Wright collaborate

When ice bends light. Photo: Ed Stockard

Ed Stockard writes that, per Les Crowley of Atmospheric Optics, the above image contains “at least 11 different optical phenomena.” First person to name four wins an iTunes card!

Visit Atmospheric Optics picture of the day feature here.

Find more coverage of Summit Station here.

Visit Ed Stockard’s flickr site here.

Link to NSF-funded cloud structure research led by Von Walden (Idaho State University) here.

5 thoughts on “Summit Station featured on Atmospheric Optics POD

  1. Erik Rithner

    1) Upper Tangent Arc
    2) Parhelion (Sundog)
    3) Solar Glory
    4) Sun Halo
    Extra: Supralateral Arc

  2. Kip Post author

    Just a bit too late! Subscribe to field notes! We have these contests every so often, and in this case, it was simply who noticed first!

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