Field Notes: The Polar Field Services Newsletter

A pair of twins at Summit Station, Greenland

Two Twin Otter airplanes offload freshies and refuel on deck at Summit Station during turnover between the early and middle phases of winter. Photo: Tracy Sheeley

After a two-day delay caused by poor weather, most Phase I staff and the PFS turnover crew departed Summit Station, Greenland, on Sunday. “Both our outbound flights have arrived.  Freshies offloaded and fuel on load in the works,” station operations manager Tracy Sheeley scribbled as she ran out the door. “We’ll all be on our way shortly.”

Not on the way home?  Our spanking-new Phase II team.

Phil Austin, Manager

Don Kirkpatrick, Mechanic

Payot ‘Neal’ Scheibe, CPS Science Tech

Brian ‘Rex’ Nelson, NOAA Tech

Lance Roth, ICECAPS Tech

Lance is holding over from Phase I. His standing as an old hand contrasts with new staffers Payot “Neal” Scheibe and Brian “Rex” Nelson. Both new guys have spent time in the U.S. Antarctic Program, and we are thrilled to match their fresh perspectives with the experience of Phil, Don, and Lance.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a winter crew entirely composed of a single gender. An iTunes card to the first person to name the year/phase!

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