Field Notes: The Polar Field Services Newsletter

Next-Generation Polar Wranglers

Giddy-up! An undergraduate student applies some humor and photo-editing skills to make a postcard from Norway’s Svalbard archipelago. (L-R) Ross Powell, Northern Illinois University (PI); Kean Ivey, Virginia Tech; Steve Ossim, Grand Valley State, MI; Jessica Miles, Univ of Michigan; Ryan Pajela, UMass Amherst; Julie Brigham-Grette, UMass Amherst (PI); Dominique Seles, Worchester State, MA; Peggy McNeal, San Diego, (PolarTREC Teacher); Courtney Payne, Bowdoin College. Image: Svalbard REU

Julie Brigham-Grette (UMass, Amherst) sent a note from Ny Alesund, where she and Ross Powell (U N Illinois) lead an NSF-funded research trip for undergraduate students on Norway’s Svalbard Archipelago. PolarTREC teacher/team member Peggy McNeal is part of the team; read her updates on the ARCUS PolarTREC website.

We are here in Ny Alesund and occupying a portion of the Marine Laboratory with outstanding assistance from both Kings Bay and Norsk Polar for local logistics for our work on tidewater margins.

We also have a wonderful group of students and appreciate having Peggy McNeal with us as our PolarTREC teacher. The students are setting into their research projects and we are excited about the likely outcomes.

All the best from Ny Alesund where we are getting some snow today!