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Halo Halo Halo


A fog bow arcs over the Swiss Tower at Summit. The wind turbine is visible to the left. Photo taken from the steps of the Big House by Panu Lahtinen, Finnish Meteorological Institute, who is part of Aku Riihela's intensive study of snow properties.

Over the past few weeks Ken Jessen has sent us some pictures of halos and other visual phenomena resulting from light passing through ice crystals in cirrus clouds. The shape and color of the halos are determined by the shape of the ice crystals. Thank you, Ken.

A halo rings the drill tower at Summit. Photo by PFS staffer Marie McLane.

Two weak bows are visible here, one directly above the sun-blocking fist and the other near the right margin. Photo: Panu Lahtinen

Image taken at South Pole Station before the iconic dome was removed. Photo: Lt. Cindy McFee, NOAA

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