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Blowing in the Wind

"This photo of Arctic Cotton Grass was taken late in the evening in coastal Greenland with the sun highlighting the plants against a dark background," Ed Stockard writes. "It was quite breezy. I set the ISO for a quick picture and this was snapped at 1/500 of a second." Photo: Ed Stockard

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Cottongrass (Eriophorum angustifolium), this snowy-showy member of the sedge family, is widespread in the Arctic, growing in peat bogs and acidic wetlands in the summer, almost as if nature wants to remind visitors that snow is never far away. Here, Ed seems to have captured something more Seussian than snowy in the blowing cotton: It’s Thing One, Two, and Three!

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Ed’s photo of a red and white polka-dotted Twin Otter tail servicing a small science camp has been selected by Air Greenland from more than 1500 entries–he’s a finalist in the contest. The artist has done all he can; now you need to vote. If he wins, Ed will win two travel vouchers from Air Greenland.  Contest ends 15 September. Vote for Ed!

Enjoy more Ed Stockard photos on his flickr site, and come back and vote!

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