Our History

Owner Jill Ferris created PFS in 1999. Along with six friends and colleagues, she submitted a proposal to become part of the team providing science support and logistics services to researchers in the Arctic funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Division of Polar Programs.

PFS, 2001: Tom Quinn, Robin Abbott, Jay Burnside, Marin Kuizenga, Susan Zager, Mark Begnaud, Jill Ferris. Photo: PFS

Jill’s small but experienced team won the job.PFS has since grown to a staff of full time and seasonal employees with the exceptional ability to excel in the world’s most challenging geographies throughout the polar regions and beyond. Our performance earned us the US Small Business Administration’s 2014 Region VIII Subcontractor of the Year award (Read more here).

We are project managers, logisticians, facilities and construction specialists, academics, experts in field activities and risk management, and technical professionals. From diverse backgrounds, we are united by a common bond: at the core, we are all problem solvers.

Our diversity and a “can do” corporate culture allow for a level of flexibility and out-of-the-box thinking that results in consistent innovation. This is how we find practical and economically viable solutions to complex problems. Be they logistics, technical, construction, power systems or operations tasks, our team has the project management skills, energy, and experience to bring a project to fruition.

And we’re not afraid to shovel snow, swing a wrench, or sleep in a tent to get the job done.

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