How We Work

We start by listening to our customers. We listen to understand requirements, the factors that will define our customer’s success and the problems we must solve. PFS staff use professional project management discipline to initiate, plan and execute support. The industry’s best project controls tools and systems help us monitor performance. We deploy the right people, mitigate risk, and solve problems, We delight our customers.

Kim and Annelisa lead the team through a planning exercise.

Kim and Annelisa lead the team through a planning exercise.

Our notable strengths include:

We continually refine the processes, programs, technological solutions and business practices required to deliver services safely and efficiently.

The PFS organizational structure allows us to act quickly on changing requirements caused by the dynamic, demanding, and sometimes hostile natural environments in which staff and clients operate. Flexibility is critical to customer success, and the ability to respond to our customer’s needs is one of our greatest attributes.

We treasure excellent working relationships with customers, fellow logistics providers and suppliers and with the people who live in the communities in which we operate. PFS staff strive to sustain long-standing relationships – and look for opportunities to cultivate new ones as well.

Proven Performance
We love what we do and it shows! The combination of experience, dedication and talent that our employees bring to their work is unequaled.

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